Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 4 Postpartum

I'm on vacation!! Feels so good to get away from mundane life and the Army Post. I don't like living on post, it just feels dark and depressing.

My hubby & me at a
drive in movie
I've been struggling a bit lately. I haven't felt right. I haven't been able to relax or enjoy my time off before going on vacation. Now that I'm away...wow, big difference. I feel so much better! Maybe it has something to do with support? My husband and I don't have any, except each other which I tell you is invaluable, but sometimes I wish we had a family member to watch the kids or bring dinner by, but alas it's just us.

Now we have our dear friends and adopted parents that we're visiting and I love being here! I feel happy and relaxed.

Aaand now I'm eating too much and boy am I enjoying some wine! I know I'll pay for this later in my progress to get my postpartum body in shape, but right now I just want to enjoy my time off. I have 8 weeks left, thanks to the change for the Army earlier this year from 6 weeks to 12 weeks off. I can't believe I did only  6 weeks off before this! That feels like nothing!

I'm still pumping. I've worked out 2 times, doing mostly weight lifting. I tried jogging on a treadmill and holy cow, everything bounced around SO much. My boobs started leaking and my knees felt like crap, so I stopped. Just not ready for that I guess lol.. little discouraged.

Still wearing my small waist trainer, but I noticed this morning it was ripping at the top. :-(  It's not going to last much longer. I'll look into ordering a new one here soon.

Well this week is brief! But as always, please do leave comments and or questions. I'm gonna go have some relaxing fun and not stress out about weightloss and perfection right after having a baby!

I'll post progress pictures when I get home....

~Caroleena Kay

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