Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm 30 Now!!

Wow, so it's official, I am now no longer in my twenties. When I hit my 27th birthday, I looked at my future 30 with fear and distaste!

But when it rolled around this year...I have to admit, I was okay with it. In fact, I'm actually excited! I look back at my twenties and see a LOT of growing and learning, with plenty of mistakes. I am 30 with a good arsenal of knowledge and wisdom, and my maturity level is thankfully higher. I feel less confused about life and more sure of myself. I embrace being a woman and I don't look at early twenty youthfulness with a sigh of wistfulness! If anything I shudder at how lost and stupid I was, Laugh Out Loud!!

Now I understand why the movie 13 Going on 30 chose to jump to 30...why such an old age?! Bypass all those years of hard knocks and learning, that's why!

Under the weather, no babysitting, missing out on a paid for concert, unable to drink and not really wanting any gifts, you'd think I had a miserable day...but I didn't. I was super thankful to have the day off, and the one thing that sounded awesome was just to go out and chill with my husband and boys. We did just that and wrapped up the evening with Olive Garden, free cheesecake with a candle, which we all ended up splitting, and everything was juuust right.

I look forward to this decade and have a lot of ideas and goals plus plenty I want to conquer! Here's to a good year. Cheers!

Fit N Fancy 4 Life,


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