Friday, November 27, 2015

Week 14 of My Pregnancy

Sitting at 14 weeks pregnant now, and also sitting in my 2nd Trimester!! Thinking back on it, time has gone quickly. With holidays coming up as well as leave (yay!!!!), these next couple months will go by oh so quick!

Baby is now the size of a lemon!! She has a fine covering of hair, is around 3 1/2 inches long and apparently now has an itty bitty neck. I am starting to show, still feel in the awkward beer gut stage, but it's getting a bit better.

I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving. Already bought most of my menu items. I'm more interested in food this time around, go figure, so I'll be switching things up a bit! Thinking of doing pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate cream pie with all the typical things. I will confess, healthy options won't be taken into a whole lot of consideration. I'm going for taste, so bring on the butter!!

My biggest challenge this week: I can't really find comfortable clothes to fit into. Major sad face. I am down to maybe 3 pairs of pants, plus a few yoga joggers and comfy Wal*Mart sweats, but it's too early to be going grungy. The pants I do have are fine when I'm standing, but sitting oh my! It feels like I just ate Thanksgiving feast everyday, talk about frustrating and awkward.

SO, before the holidays, I'm going on a mission to find some non maternity, stylish and comfortable clothes to wear. Plus I'll post strategies to keep myself from feeling fat or out of control about my weight and changing body, and instead embracing pregnancy curves and enjoying this journey!


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