Friday, July 29, 2016

Week 1 Postpartum

Now my journey to getting back in shape begins! Here is my first week postpartum and what I'm doing to get back in shape. I have a lot of obstacles ahead of me, but I know with a little determination and lots of baby steps, I'll get there eventually.

24 hours after giving birth
Let's start with my 24 hour postpartum routine. I'm going to be as direct and concise as I can...and probably a little tmi at times, but this is messy business!! Talk about not feeling sexy for awhile lol....

Right after Cendricc was born, I cleaned up, put on an adult diaper, no shame, as well as this softer elastic band waist trainer... I drank a Powerade, took 3 Tylenol and ate some Pizza Hut breadsticks lol. I stayed awake until I felt just tired, waiting on signs of possible hemmorrage or feeling faint/dizzy etc.

As I sat up rehydrating myself, I stared at my beautiful baby and immediately started Kegels. I could actually feel my muscles clenching down there, which I believe to be a great sign. With a few of my other births, I had to go through the motions believing I was doing them because I couldn't really feel it. Off to a good start!

The next morning, I did a shallow postpartum herbal bath soak. The more potent the better! I also took the picture above later on that day...I know I still look pregnant in that picture, but that's the wonderful real life way postpartum works lol!

I used my Peri bottle with warm water and the Peri Cleanse to help ease the pain of urinating/bowel movements. This helped SO much, I never want to be without this postpartum! By day 3 I knew I hadn't torn because I could pee without using the Peri bottle and it didn't burn.

I changed pads constantly. Everytime making sure to clean with the Peri bottle mixed with the postpartum healing herbs and oils.

My little boy 1 week old
My abs were SO sore my first week postpartum, and I had a painful pulling sensation. The area around my belly button was painful to even touch and coughing or sneezing hurt so much without a wrap on. I had to wear a belly wrap almost round the clock. I couldn't sit up or get out of bed unless I was strapped in. Zero core strength. I wore the black squeem waist trainer during the day and my soft elastic one at night, otherwise I couldn't even turn over in bed. I let my skin breath for an hour in the morning, and an hour in the evening. I also put coconut oil on my skin at these times.

I drank lots of water!! I also kept taking prenatal vitamins. Because of breastfeeding, I worked for a healthy well rounded diet, eating when I was hungry. Strict dieting will come later.

Week 1 postpartum down! It feels so good to be my own person again! Thank you for reading and please check in again as I work my way to getting back in shape after baby. Also, please feel free to leave comments or questions. Would love to hear from ya'll!

~Caroleena Kay

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