Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 2 Postpartum

Week 2 Postpartum
Week 2 postpartum ladies! I'm already getting impatient to be back to my normal self...not a good thing at all, but I do need to be honest about it. I think because I'm up round the clock pumping and feeding, it feels like it's been twice as long.

Starting out week 2 postpartum with an updated picture. I see a difference! I can not stress enough how wrapping your belly immediately postpartum is so helpful in getting back into shape after baby much faster. I'm still wearing mine almost round the clock. Mostly because of my abs being so shot and tender. It just feels so much better and I can function more normally!

I'm still doing Kegels daily. I'm also practicing while I pee (lol) trying to stop the
Week 2 Postpartum
stream then resume. Weird I know, but if you can't really feel yourself doing Kegels, then starting on the toilet will help give you an idea as well as help you keep track of your progress.

Postpartum cramps have been horrible this time around. The pain almost made me faint. I chugged water with a couple Tylenol to help, but when they hit it's so bad I have to stop everything and just breath and wait them out. I'm doubled over on the floor from them.

Still drinking lots of water. Still cleaning with Peri bottle and postpartum herbal and oil cleanse, as well as changing pads frequently to promote cleanliness and healing. I'm almost out of my postpartum bath soak. It's been SO nice to have and this feels like the quickest I've healed yet.

I did start some squats this week. VERY cautiously, but I managed 50 without feeling pain. I believe squats will help restrengthen my pelvic floor as well as encourage blood flow which aids in healing.

I also started LIGHT weight lifting. Either 5lb weights or just going through the motions of an exercise. Movement is my goal at this time, not to be Superwoman lol! Getting up and getting blood flowing is my goal.

Postpartum Belly Binding
I forced myself into my small Squeem waist trainer!! Feeling really good about that. Also, I'm still putting coconut oil on my belly 1-2 times per day.  I'm wanting to try Royal Lioness Waist Trainers, but I have to wait till I get paid. They look way sturdier and better quality than my Squeem.

My husband likes doing the YouTube videos called Fitness Blender.  I HEAVILY modify it to be a postpartum friendly workout, but at least I am doing it with him.

I really can't get off the floor very well, my knees hurt, abs won't let me do much, so I'm taking it slow and trying not to push myself. SO hard! I am doing NO jumping or running. Just not even going there lol....

My sweet baby is sleeping a lot but getting up like clockwork every 3 hours. He's
growing like a weed already! I'm in love. :-)

There it is! Week 2 postpartum is down. Feeling a bit better this week, excited to keep going. I would welcome your comments and questions!

~Caroleena Kay

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