Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Belly Binding After My 3rd Pregnancy

When it comes to post partum tips and tricks to getting back into shape after pregnancy, belly binding is my TOP O' the list favorite!!

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I didn't discover belly binding until I was halfway through my 2nd pregnancy. I wish I'd known about it with my first...but on the other hand, I can tell you from experience that belly binding is a night and day difference for recovery. I will never ever not bind my belly after delivery! You'll be sold too when you try it. After trying many different ones, cheap to expensive, my favorite which I've had the most results and will use again is the one in the picture.

Here's what I discovered:

*Belly binding immediately after delivery gets rid of that "all my insides just fell out" feeling you get when your body suddenly drops those 8-15 extra pounds you've been carrying!

*Belly binding gives you an instant "trim" feeling that will make you feel more like your pre pregnancy self, which will boost your confidence and, in my case, energy. We all need that right after birth!

*Belly binding will help your post partum tummy go down much quicker, skin and all. Look at my pictures; these are me just 1 week after having my last baby. I didn't get that with my first! It took almost 8 weeks for roughly the same results. Also, check out my blog post with pictures of me 8 months postpartum at a photoshoot.

* Belly binding assists in getting your displaced organs back to where they were orignally! Also, if your ribs were pushed out because you didn't have any room left for the little guy (like my last pregnancy!) belly binding will help get them back in place as well.

*Belly binding will help you acheive an hourglass figure! I can't wait to start again after this pregnancy. See other ladies succeed with waist training.

   For the first few weeks after delivery, your body is flooded with the hormones that softened your bones and joints to make it possible for the baby to be born. These also assist in getting you back to normal. Belly binding takes advantage of this natural process and gives you an extra push for quicker results.

I start immediately after delivery. So after I'm showered and cleaned up, I dry off and usually with assistance, wrap my belly nice and snug, then get dressed. Just like that.

To get the most benefits from waist training, once you're ready to workout, use this workout routine to keep yourself on the fast track for beautiful success.

After all your hard work dealing with not only pregnancy and everything that comes with it, but laboring and finally delivering your beautiful baby, you owe your body and yourself a little something to make you look good. I constantly have to stop myself from putting my needs or wants on the back burner. I've done this before, and take it from me, it's not a healthy thing to do. Take the time to enjoy and care for your body and celebrate what an amazing thing you just accomplished!

Fit N Fancy 4 Life,


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