Monday, December 7, 2015

My Favorite: Coconut Oil Bath

One of my favorite things to do is a coconut oil bath. I attempt to get one in a week...which doesn't always happen, but when it does, I wonder to myself why I don't do it more often! It's so relaxing and simply amazing for my skin.

Here's how I go about some intense moisturizing for my skin plus a little relaxation.

1. Draw a bath

2. Add about 1/4 cup of Organic Coconut Oil.

3. Hop in without slipping and enjoy!    

  I've found this is the best to do in the evening. Your skin will have a fine sheen of oil on it, which I run my towel over just enough to get the water off, then apply jammies and jump in bed for a nice 8 hours of sleep. Your skin will soak in the oil overnight and leave you feeling soft and smooth all over. Plus I notice doing this helps with skin tone and leaves my legs and arms glowing.

Of course, this is especially helpful for intense moisturizing during pregnancy. Lubes my belly and boobs right up! Just simply amazing.

Fit N Fancy 4 Life,


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  1. Love this! I'm obsessed with coconut oil. Use it for almost anything and everything in a million different ways. It's pretty much become an addiction. Lol I'm wondering why I've never thought of this especially since its a huge part of bath routine. (I make my own all natural body scrub with it, as well as using it as a shaving lotion) Thank you so much for sharing! God Bless