Thursday, December 10, 2015

Week 17 & 18 of My Pregnancy

Week 18 Belly Pic!
Highlight of my 17th week: My first Doctor appointment!! It was almost 3 hours long...but it was pretty awesome. I had my first ultrasound aaaand...drum roll...they think it's a boy! Another boy laugh out loud.

I loved seeing the baby move around and seeing his delicate features, tiny cute and itty bitty. It's hard to make out in the picture below, but to the left is his head, his arms are covering it like he's hiding! To the right are his legs and little feet, ankles crossed.... I heard the heartbeat, which always gives me a rush. I don't know why, but that is the biggest connecting factor when I'm pregnant. It doesn't quite feel real until I hear it.

I was spot on with his due date, my periods are regular and predictable so this wasn't a surprise to me. They said he's healthy, growing right on schedule with his age, and I checked out great. The doctor and nurses were very nice and didn't say anything negative, thankfully...I didn't share any of my plans for an unassisted birth though! I know better! Next check up is in January due to Christmas vacation!! I'm excited about Christmas vacation.

Ultrasound of the lil guy
My job is getting more difficult. There's just so much to do and so much moving around, I get tired so fast and have had times of pain in my abdomen which has made it hard to walk. To be honest, I'm done with the Army life. I feel a growing need to invest more time in my kids, and the Army life just doesn't accommodate for that. The schools on post are horrible, they're more like free babysitting. I don't want my babies living in daycare and being raised by someone who doesn't care about them. I especially don't want to get deployed and leave for 9 months possibly more or get stationed somewhere that is depressing and oppressive. So even though the pay is good and there are health benefits that most would kill for...I am seriously considering getting out early. I will know more in January....

On a fun note, I decorated the house for Christmas. I love relaxing in the evening with a cup of Pregnancy Tea and nothing but candles and Christmas lights glowing. It's so festive!

Highlight of my 18th week: I've actually taken action to workout consistently. I've gone walking 3 nights in a row, almost 2 miles for about 45 minutes. It's felt great and is helping with the mild early morning swelling I was noticing. Follow me and check out My Pregnancy Workout Routine part of my blog for more details about my workouts. I'll be adding lots more posts of awesome-ness in the coming weeks.

 My weight has been a little troubling for me, I will admit. This pregnancy, I've been gaining differently than my other 3. I jumped almost 2 sizes just in the ass and thighs since I found out I was pregnant. Plus I've gained about 15 pounds already, probably closer to 18. My goal was only 35 pounds overall, like the mainstream websites recommend as long as you fall into the healthy weight category, which I did. However, seeing as I'm not even halfway through this pregnancy and I've already almost gained half the recommended weight, I've been in slight freak out mode!

I'm sharing this because as much as I don't want to feel like I let you, my readers, down if I gain way more than the recommended weight...or if things don't go perfect like I want them's still important that I be honest about it.
My awesome hubby asked me why I was freaking out so much, and that it shouldn't matter what the "recommended" weight is, who the "f" decides that anyway? He also said that every pregnancy is different, and statistics and recommendations are based off of groups of women with unique pregnancies all averaged out to create a number that is decided is normal. Very true, husband, thank you for bringing me back to Earth.
   Soooo...I'm eating healthy (with a few treats and cheats here and there like a normal pregnant woman), working out and taking care of myself. Whatever weight I gain is the weight I gain. SO BE IT!
   In the meantime, I will share everything honestly, even if I don't like it. The main thing that's important to me is that I feel good about myself and enjoy the journey of this pregnancy.



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