Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Journey Begins: My Introduction

My fellow internet friends:

It is with mild hesitation and a little fear that I embark on this mission to bring you on my journey toward a healthy and natural childbirth at home, unassisted, while on Active Duty, while experiencing my 4th birth, and afterwards getting back in shape for a (hopefully) published photo shoot.

I am using this blog to motivate me as well as share all the tips, tricks and things I do to stay in shape during pregnancy, get ready for an unassisted home birth, and then get back in pre-pregnancy shape after it's all said and done!

I have had 3 children (boys) naturally at home, no "licensed" provider there to help. For my first 2 births, I had my mother and a good friend of the family for help and support. For my 3rd, I had a good friend (shout out to her!!) to encourage me as I gave birth. I was Active Duty with my 3rd baby.

Since my 3rd son's birth, I whipped myself back into shape with a lot of hard work and little helpful tricks! Four month's postpartum, I did a photo shoot which ended up getting published (I will post the pictures at a later time)!

I'm not a celebrity, I don't have endless amounts of money to spend on a personal chef, or weight watchers, or fancy pills from Brazil, or lipo, or tapeworms from the Netherlands...I just have dedication, hard work and faith that I will see results. I'm also NOT afraid to try new things!

So please join me as I tackle this! I'm excited to share what I do and how I've done it before. Things might get a little RAW at times...I'll be keeping it 100.

Youtube videos soon to follow as well....

Fit N Fancy for Life,
~Caroleena Kay  

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