Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 8 of Pregnancy


According to research of the Googleness, my baby is now the size of a kidney bean and apparently tossing and turning like a circus act while trying to finish growing her eyelids...oh my gee.

I think for me, these next few weeks will be the hardest in the first trimester. I feel so uncomfortable in the "awkward" belly stage; the stage where people glance at my belly and ask themselves: "Is she fat or pregnant?!" 

The stage where when I bend over, I feel an extra "cushion" keeping me from going over as far as I can...or used to go....

I have to leave my top button undone on my ACU's. *sigh* 

I swear I have felt her doing flips twice now. I remember what it feels like when a baby moves and I don't know if it's possible to feel it this early, but I swear I have. 

Right now, I'm focused on moisturizing everyday, sometimes twice a day, taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water and trying to keep my diet under control and balanced. I must admit, I was skimping on carbs because my normal "lose/maintain weight" diet is low carb high protein. And I paid for this!! I had an off and on headache for 3 DAYS and felt like straight crap. Now that I've increased this, I do feel better. 

I will be buying VitaNatal vitamins from Whole Foods this weekend. I tried Baby & Me but I just don't feel like I remember with the other ones. We'll see if it's just this pregnancy or after using the other ones, they just kick ass! 

Fit N Fancy for Life,

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