Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 7 of Pregnancy


It's too early!! It seems like it's way too early to be hungry all the time! But alas, I AM. 

This is where it gets frustrating and I fight to find balance. Over eating in pregnancy is a BIG concern, no pun intended, so I'm trying to figure out what my body is looking for so I can fuel it efficiently but OMG how this fine line is hard to find....

Here are a few rules I follow:

1. MUST have at least 90 grams of protein a day. This helps a lot to avoid morning sickness while pregnant. Having too many calories that are "empty" or full of unhealthy carbs will only make me sick. Why? My body is searching for nutrients to grow some of my baby's most vital body parts, like ummm brain, eyes, heart...other important organs...etc. If I don't feed my body what it needs, it will start taking it from other places (like my bones) leaving me feeling sick. Basically, the baby is a leech sucking my life force. Yeah. Just like that.

2. Veggies and fruit are a must during pregnancy! I have to include these, obviously. These hold essential vitamins and've heard this before...but especially now, I need all the help I can get. Plus it'll help with a smooth transition in the poop shoot department. 

3. Take my prenatal pills every day...even when I don't feel like swallowing HORSE pills. The chewy, gummy shit doesn't cut it, sorry. That's not doing anything for you or your baby, especially if you don't have a well rounded diet to begin with, BUT even with one, those are puny for the job your body is taking on,

4. Lots of water! The body can sometimes interpret thirst as hunger. I shoot for about a gallon a day. Gotta keep the fetal pool full. 

These are the biggest items I follow. I'll be posting pictures of what I eat during pregnancy as well as other kewl things on my twitter: @CaroleenaKay1, so follow me!

I am starting to feel "fuller" around the midsection already...ugh.... but I'm still working out, will share what I'm doing in a later post!

Fit N Fancy for Life,

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