Monday, October 26, 2015

A Quick Post About C-Section Rates in the U.S.

So I was researching this morning with my daily cup of coffee, and decided to look up C-section rates in South Carolina to prepare for the possibility of a Plan B emergency trip to the hospital if need be.

My research shocked and disgusted me, so I feel led to share. I've never wanted a C-section, have always been scared of them, which was one of the biggest reasons I turned to home birth. My fear is the physical, emotional and spiritual toll it would have on me. I know I'd feel violated; cheated out of something special and sacred that words cannot if it has to happen, it'd better be for a damn good reason. Unfortunately, most of them don't happen for a good reason.  

The national C-section rate is ridiculously high and unreasonable. Here is the CDC website sharing that 32.7% of births result in C-section. That's just shy of 1 in 3 births!! So if you're pregnant and thinking "I don't need to be reading this or researching, it won't happen to me" well...think again. Those odds are pretty hefty. That means I should have had at least 1 C-section by now. 

Fox News just showed me that South Carolina is in the Top 10 highest C-section states...lucky me. 

Here are some physical risks associated with C-sections according to Web MD

Some information on Why the National U.S. C-Section is so High from child birth The 2 biggest points in this article that struck me are: Low priority given in enhancing women's ability to give birth on their own; Side effects of common labor interventions in the hospital. 

Here is a chart showing approximate cost of birth at a hospital. It's hard to nail down a set price because it changes depending on insurance provider and complications.

Image from
As of 2011, the price for a C-section is more than double an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. Personally, I think this could be a driving force for hospitals to push for C-sections as well; The hospital makes a lot more money off of them or any complication for that matter.

Just wanted to share this info. Not trying to persuade anyone to do birth a certain way, the main goal is a pregnant woman must feel comfortable and safe for the smoothest labor to occur. I wanted to share this because I don't believe most C-sections are performed out of necessity or safety, and, because they're used so much in the United States, I feel it's important for a pregnant woman to educate herself thoroughly on the process and circumstances surrounding C-sections.

Check out one of my favorite books that goes more in depth with this and other common birth related complications: Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth.

I'm working on a post for stretch marks next, as well as my 12 week pregnancy update! With pictures! Come back n' visit soon.

Fit N Fancy for Life,

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