Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 9 of Pregnancy

Due to the South Carolina flooding, I've been delayed in posting my usual weekly update.

The damage and loss is mind blowing to see up close. I've never been in a "natural disaster" before, at least not one that affected so many people. It's way different to be in it then just reading about it or seeing pictures. I haven't ventured too far because of curfews and warnings to stay away from flash flood areas, which is pretty much no further than Wal*Mart from my house.

There is currently no water running at my house. It's been about 3 days now since it was shut off. Thankfully, I had my brother fill the tub with water when we heard it might get cut, plus we started collecting rain water outside. This has been a huge relief for flushing toilets, washing dishes, and cleaning. Purell and Lysol Wipes have been invaluable for keeping germs at bay while we're not washing our hands as often.

It's amazing how much water we use in a day and don't even realize it!

The one thing about this 9th week of pregnancy is I am soooo tired! I can't get enough sleep and I only have energy for 3 to 4 hours at a time...so tragic. Also, my belly is in the pudgy stage, not cute pregnant stage. Insecurities are kicking in a lil bit as my waistline gets thicker. Really shouldn't, but I'm very body conscious and feel every change.

I'm struggling to work out on top of a full time job and family/home stuff. I'll be honest, I haven't done much working out at all!!! I have been careful about my diet though. My body just told me I can't have soda anymore. I get a headache after about 8 oz sooo totally gonna stay away from that.

I've been thinking about YouTube videos and how I want to make one badly but I'm hesitating!! WHY?? Maybe because I want everything to be perfect aaaand I have such high expectations that it keeps me from it. I need to just do it! I started this blog with the intention of being real and showing pregnancy from my perspective...not the perspective of perfection or political correctness. SO, I just need to find that push that makes me abandon my fears and take the plunge.

Will keep working on this....

Fit N Fancy for Life,
~Caroleena Kay

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