Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 11 of Pregnancy

I am now 11 weeks pregnant with a fig size baby girl. Not a fig bar, but an actual fig.
How sweet! Slightly bigger than last week's kumquat. I told my husband about the kumquat and now he won't stop saying it. He is calling us all kumquats, in good fun of course, but I must admit it sounds like the vilest of insults when he says it....what a word!

I have to get the right cord to transfer pictures from my phone to the computer so I can upload my cliche pregnancy profile belly-growing pictures! Yes, I have an old phone hanging on by a thread, but I won't upgrade it till it's dead!

I have felt a couple phantom movements from her...some experts say you don't feel the baby moving this early, but some also say the more babies you've had, the easier and sooner it is to pick up on these little bumps n bounces. Apparently she's having hiccups, but those I definitely don't feel yet.

I can still lay on my stomach, although for too long and I start to get a bit nauseous. Trying to enjoy it while I still can! Also, I wake up and find myself sleeping on my back, which I don't usually do, but again I'm relishing it for these last few weeks or so. I do remember it gets very tiring later on in pregnancy to only be able to sleep on my sides, and then even closer to the due date, the left side is most "comfortable" if that's even applicable toward the end lol!

My Vitanatal Vitamins finally came!! I bought them off of Amazon because I couldn't find them in a local store. They have been such a lifesaver! The first day of taking them I felt so much better. I've tried a few different ones, but I had to come back to these. My mother swore by them as well and she's had 8 kids! A good vitamin is waaay worth the money, don't underestimate that.

One thing I've started doing in the evenings is a cup of tea. I'm using the herbal Pregnancy Tea, which I also bought off Amazon. I drank this all the time with my last pregnancy. Here's a link to my experience and more about herbal teas during pregnancy. Based off my extensive research, I usually just wait until the 2nd Trimester before drinking herbal teas. (It's my personal precaution to not take anything except vitamins and fish oil in the 1st Trimester). Recommendation is 3-4 cups of this tea a day, so I'm starting slow with an occasional cup in the evenings. I've been feeling a bit rundown and just "off" after getting home from work and having dinner, so my "dessert" lately has been a cup of this tea. It has no caffine, tastes mild, doesn't really require any sugar and makes me feel so refreshed afterward! It also has glowing reviews on Amazon from women drinking it throughout their pregnancy.

Still looking for a Doctor to fit me from the list Tricare provides. Where I'm stationed at, there is no prenatal care at the hospital on post, so I have to look off post. The selection is decent, but I have to research them for my own preferences, hopefully to find one that at least doesn't poo poo natural child birth. Easier said than done. Will keep ya'll updated on that.

Until next time!

Much Love, Stayin Fit N Fancy for Life!

~Caroleena Kay

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