Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 10 of Pregnancy

So Baby Center just told me my lil girl is barely the size of a kumquat. What in the blazes is that?! And who came up with the idea to use that as a comparison? Alas, it's like a miniature orange.

So yeah, that's pretty substantial I suppose. Talk about rapid growth in just a few weeks! And more to come in the next few weeks. November 10th starts my 2nd trimester ... counting it down.

I'm waiting on my Prenatal Vitanatal Vitamins which I ordered on Amazon. These have helped me in my past pregnancies with exhaustion and I can't wait to start taking them!

I don't like maternity clothes, so I use my creativity to find clothes that fit and flatter while I'm small-ish. I will wait till the very last moment before I jump into maternity! That includes ACU's, which yes, I will be taking a picture to show me in the "sexy pants" as my husband so lovingly calls them.

I did start this new exercise that is fairly easy and isn't time consuming...it helps strengthen the abs and pelvic floor, great things when it comes to delivery and recovery! After I give it a go, I'll share more in depth....

Nausea isn't as bad this week. Still there at times, but lessening. So far I haven't thrown up at all, knock on wood. Came close a few times, but I've been pretty good keeping it at bay for this 4th time around.

This past week and a half my boobs have been itching! At first I thought it might be a heat rash from my uniform and the weather, but then I realized it's cause they're GROWING! So in great haste, I started putting Avocado Oil on every day at least once. Both on my belly and boobs, as well as the sides of my waist. This oil is awesome because it absorbs quickly and goes on smoothly. No thick, lingering residue here!

Struggling a bit on getting my full gallon of water a day due to the South Carolina Flooding making water undrinkable unless boiled. Sticking to bottled water, but keeping it on hand is the hard part!

Dinner and Once Upon a Time (on Netflix) is calling y'all!

Fit N Fancy fo Life,
~Caroleena Kay

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